Maresia's Seafood Restaurant

Client: Maresia's Seafood Restaurant
Project: Brand identity and illustration.
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Maresia’s is a restaurant that lives off the sea. Its beautiful sights and bountiful ingredients are what provide the restaurant life. From tourism to provide the ingredients, the sea is what gives life to the Restaurant. Located on the edge of Praia Grande, in Angra dos Reis - RJ, the restaurant led by the Portuguese chef Miguel Coimbra unites high and sophisticated cuisine with a rustic and contemporary atmosphere.

For this project, I created some illustrations in a handmade way that could serve as support for the logo and also expand the possibilities of application of the brand in different points of contact.

Elements such as wood, ropes, nets, and rust are part of the routine of those who live from the sea and were fundamental in the construction and composition of the project.
A brand designed by André Santos Design ®. All rights reserved.

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