“I see design as a bridge capable of building relationships between brands and their audiences.”

Pleased to meet you, my name is André Santos and I lead a branding and design consultancy, where we raise business perception of value by creating strategy, positioning, name, and identity for outstanding brands.

Through a proprietary methodology called PROPOSE©, we seek to reveal the purpose of each brand, analyze its operating scenario and map the public with whom it will communicate, defining its positioning and translating this information into colors, shapes, images, and graphic elements that express a unique and proprietary visual territory for the brand, building remembrance, creating meaning, adding value to the business and transmitting the security, credibility, and professionalism necessary for the development of the company or product.

In addition, I have an academic degree in Engineering (UNIVALI 2013-2018), which allows me to have a logical and analytical vision focused on business and thus make more assertive and strategic decisions for brands, without leaving aside creativity and aesthetic sensitivity. I believe that this balance is the recipe for building strong, authentic brands that create value for your business.
These are some of the highlights and international recognition my work has received.

Behance is the world’s largest creative platform, an Adobe platform where design, advertising, architecture, and photography professionals from around the world present their work. Inside the platform, there is a curatorship, made by a team of qualified professionals, which gives prominence and visibility to the best projects made.

World Brand Design Society is one of the largest and most relevant portals dedicated to creating brands in the world. Professionals from all over the world can submit their projects on the site and a team of experts makes an analysis and selection to highlight and publish the best projects.

Packaging of the World is an extremely relevant portal with global visibility, where professionals from all over the world can submit their projects and a team of experts does an analysis and curation to highlight the best packaging projects.
PROPOSE© is the methodology I have developed and improved over the last few years to build relevant brands that generate expressive business results. Through the tools we use in the PROPOSE© methodology, it is possible to reveal and highlight the purpose of each brand, positioning it in the market and in the mind of its audience and expressing its personality and competitive differentials through a proprietary visual territory.
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