Client: Deslo Design Corporation
Project: Brand strategy and positioning; brand architecture; brand identity; iconography and website layout.
Location: Toronto, Canada.

Deslo is a Canadian multi-division company offering complete solutions in engineering, architecture, design and fabrication of stairs, handrails, metal or wood architectural elements, furniture and more. The company aims to inspire and connect people through its customized project solutions for elements, products, environments and experiences related to design and architecture in general.

At Deslo, everyone believes that good design is a way to connect people and inspire them to go beyond the ordinary.
The main challenge of the project was to rethink the company's brand portfolio, which at the time was entirely focused on the design and manufacture of stairs as its main product but was expanding into other areas. We strategically reorganized these brands within an architecture that made sense and was easy for their audience to understand.

We separate the company's main divisions that have a specific focus and graphically represent this organization through a monolithic brand architecture. In this model, the entire structure is supported by and always reinforces the main brand, and each division of the company acts as an extension of it.

We define a main and a secondary color for each sub-brand, this way, each division can be worked on individually or together, as they all belong to the same system.​​​​​​
A brand designed by André Santos Design ®. All rights reserved.

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