Heather Adickes

Client: Heather Ly Adickes - Real Estate Agent
Project: Brand identity and motion design.
Location: New Jersey, United States.

Heather Adickes is a New Jersey real estate agent whose purpose is to offer a complete real estate services experience to her clients, providing the best solutions to connect families, couples, or individuals to their dream homes.

As a young professional in a segment that demands relationship and trust, our challenge was to create a visual language that would support the construction of a reliable reputation through the brand. In addition, the Heather Adickes brand should also be sustainable over time and support the expansion of the business, such as the possibility of having a team working around the brand, or the possibility of expanding to other areas, like real estate investments.

We created a strong and recognizable visual language, with little color variation, a well-defined way of work with typography, and a versatile visual signature with a memorable symbol and an expressive logo, which can be used separately or together. As a result of this visual universe, the brand builds a reliable reputation, allowing differentiation from other realtors and building recognition among the desired audience.

Design Studio: Incustudio.
Project Manager: Edwing Hernandez.
Art Director & Brand Designer: André Santos.

A brand designed by André Santos Design ® and Incustudio. All rights reserved.

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