Client: Atelien Properties & Interests
Project: Brand strategy and positioning; brand naming and brand identity.
Location: Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Atelien is a holding company that manages a group of companies in the civil construction and real estate sector, located in Santa Catarina, Brazil. The company manages properties and interests in these industries, in addition to supporting its own brands.

The challenge of the project was to organize the portfolio of the group's brands, which at the time were three construction companies in the merging phase, and create a brand architecture for the company, which ended up reflecting in the creation of a master brand for the group.

Atelien is like a big blank sheet of paper where ideas and businesses can be born and materialize. The brand needed, before anything else, to transmit confidence and support to the other companies in its portfolio, so we used a corporate tone for the project, seeking to associate attributes such as seriousness, objectivity, sophistication and also grandeur.
Another relevant detail about the project's graphic solution is that the company's capacity for expansion ceased to be a supporting element to play a prominent role. This is represented by the ligature between the “elie” axis of the logo. This link can elongate and enables a variety of brand applications in different formats.
A brand designed by André Santos Design ®. All rights reserved.

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