Kendy + Kobayashi Architects

Client: Kendy + Kobayashi Architects
Project: Brand strategy and positioning, and brand identity.
Location: Paraná, Brazil.

Founded by Gabriel Kendy and Leonardo Kobayashi, the architecture firm formerly called GLK Arquitetos saw its business evolve and understood that its brand needed to keep up with this movement. Located in Maringá, Paraná/Brazil, Kendy + Kobayashi Architects focuses on high-end house projects, with its style of integrating contemporary architecture with elements of nature.

The office approached us to reposition itself in the market, and to build value around its brand and differentiation in a highly competitive market.

GLK, an acronym that represented the initials of the founding partners, was a name easily forgotten or confused with other offices, which is why we suggested changing it to Kendy + Kobayashi Architects, a name that carries the Japanese origins of the founders and still allows us to build value for the brand from new narratives.

We built a proprietary visual universe for the brand, reinforcing the origins of the founders through its graphic elements and also through its colors, such as the predominance of white and details in red, alluding to the Japanese flag.

In its new positioning, the brand reflects its purpose of awakening sensations of comfort, balance, and well-being through designed spaces. “Architecture to be felt. For all those who want to find a home within their own house”.​​​​​​

A brand designed by André Santos Design ®. All rights reserved.

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